Cuppa Cafe Limited
Portioned Drip Coffee with Exceptional Quality, Convenience & Style. 新鮮烘焙咖啡 滴滴香醇 方便快捷 優質享受

Cuppa Café dedicates to offer fresh quality coffee that can be made in simple and easy steps. Cuppa Café uses imported coffee beans from all over the world, and to ensure giving the best tastes, the coffee beans are roasted, grinded and packaged in Hong Kong upon order such that the coffee is absolutely fresh when delivered to the hands of our customers.

Preparing Cuppa’s filter coffee does not require any equipment as the freshly roasted coffee beans are already grinded and self-contained in a disposable filter that is designed to rest on the cup for hot water to filter in. Making a cup of Cuppa's coffee requires only 2 minutes of your spare time.

Cuppa's coffee has no additives, and to ensure the freshness and quality of the coffee, the best before period is within 4 months only. Simply place order via Cuppa Café’s online order shop and the products will be delivered to the designated address within 5 working days upon order confirmation, giving you a completely hassle-free purchase experience.

Come and experience the incomparable freshness of Cuppa coffee!!!!